Investing In The Stock Market Hoping For A Quick Profit

Investing in the stock market with the sole aim of making a quick profit can be a risky strategy. While it is possible to make money quickly in the stock market, it is also possible to lose money just as quickly.

Nifty Futures and Options- An overview

Nifty Futures and Options are financial derivatives based on the Nifty 50 index, which is the benchmark stock market index of the National Stock Exchange (NSE) in India. 

KCP Ltd is engaged in the Business of Manufacture and Sale

KCP Ltd is engaged in the business of manufacture and sale of cement, sugar, heavy engineering, power generation for captive use and hospitality.


The stock trading at ₹.183 on 5 JUNE 2020. It made a 52-week high at ₹.296 and a 52-week low of ₹95. The 100 days Exponential Moving Average (EMA) of the stock is currently at ₹.178.