About Us

About Us

SR Wealth Elite is led by an SEBI Registered Research Analysts and Experienced group of professionals. We have more than 15 years experience on Technical and Fundamental Analysis. We are committed to help you in your wealth creation. Our analysis is solely based on the economic news and deep technical analysis & Fundamental Analysis done by our experts. We dedicated work for benefit of our personal and commercial trading clients by providing them best trading ideas and information.

We provide customized services to our clients as per their requirements irrespective of the size and type of their portfolio at very reasonable rates. For us, the first priority is profit of our clients and we achieve this by working constantly for them and their good. Our reliable services and transparent transactions help our clients achieve their stock related targets and stay with us for long time. We specialized in Day to day trading calls, Positional Picks, PORTFOLIO BUILD UP, HEALTH CHECK UP FOR EXISTING PORTFOLIO WHICH INCLUDES SHARE ANALYSIS (DETAILED LONG TERM / MID TERM / SHORT TERM VIEW), MARKET REPORTS ETC. EXIT STRATEGY SO THAT PROFIT CAN BE BOOKED OR RECOVER LOSSES OR LOSSES CAN BE MINIMIZED.


Meet SR Wealth Elite Team & Mentors

Lokesh Sethia
Founder Partner

Ritesh Daga

Reema Jain
Compliance Consultant

Ankur Dugar
Research Consultant

Amit Singhal
Associate Partner

Rajesh Khurana
Associate Partner

Sneha Sachdeva
Associate Partner

Karan Chawla
Associate Partner